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The UI


To render some markdown based introduction or documentation on the start page, you can put a markdown file in your components folder. Its content is rendered at the very top directly below the project name.

The start page also renders an overview of your design tokens, if you configured miyagi to do so. You can read more about that on "Creating a design token overview".


The component page renders

  • the content of the component's documentation file,
  • an info section including the actual component path,
  • the component's schema, mock data and template,
  • all variants including the validation status of the mock file as well as the compiled mock data.

Component variation

The variation page renders a single variation of a component, validation status of the mock file as well, the compiled mock data as well as the validation results (see below). You can open it in a new tab, which renders nothing but the component, which is best for development.


By default, components are tested for accessibility and HTML violations. The accessibility validation uses a local axe-core installation, while the HTML validation uses an external service from has a rate limit of max. 10 requests per minute. If you are updating your components often, you might want to deactivate the HTML validation, otherwise your IP will be blocked.