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miyagi is a component development tool for JavaScript templating engines.


  • No overhead in your project by running miyagi without any configuration files.
  • Works with any folder structure (as long as you have one folder per component).
  • Helps you developing your components encapsulated.
  • Validates your components for HTML and accessibility violations.
  • Mock data (static or dynamic) allows developing independently from a backend.
  • Validates your mock data against your JSON schema.
  • Documentation of your components using markdown.
  • You can customize the layout, so it fits to your project.
  • Supports lots of template engines by using consolidate.js internally.
  • Allows creating a static build.
  • Lets you create components and mock data via CLI.
  • Automatically created styleguide based on CSS custom properties.


Handlebars (Code:

Web Components (Code: